17. City Motorbike Tours By Night

If you are a regional culture lover, the Motorbike Tours around the town are a great experience for you. The program will give visitors an overview of the culture - material - spirit of the local people all day and night, enjoy “Street Food” but imbued with Vietnamese identity as Bánh Xo or “Bánh Mì”, Fish Sald or Fresh Spring rolls, “Bún Chả or Phở Bò and also have the opportunity to experience a bit of risk when carried on a Motorbike in a "so Crazy" traffic system.

Starting at 15:30 every day, drivers will pick up guests at the hotel, driving to the office to meet a local guide who will answer any questions related to Phu Quoc island and the journey begining from there.

+ The first attraction is the Local Shopping Center Park and the Local Market,,. From the office of the company takes about 15 minutes on the Motorbike you will go to the center of Duong Dong town. Along the Nguyen Trung Truc street is a grocery store that sells a full range of clothing, footwear, shops for construction materials, and a number of food and beverage outlets. The Duong Dong Market,, is also the central and largest Market,, in Phu Quoc island. Going around the Market,,, you will see the bustle of trade, see for yourself the essentials traded here, and one thing you will easily notice is the main seafood here. There are countless kinds of fish.

Next to Duong Dong Market, there are also Duong Dong River, where fishing boats are often docked to collect fish for traders so you will see many fishing boats anchored on the river.

+ The pier is also an interesting point to visit. One side is the cruise ship, the other side is the fishing boats are tied together each the afternoon coming.

+ The next attraction is the temple "Dinh Cau" is considered as a religious symbol of the local people. Here you will be visited a small temple on the large old stone, at the same time you will be the guide introduction to the point of life threshold of the Phu Quoc people in particular and the point of religion in Vietnam in general.

+ 17:30 already, at this time, all the scenery seems to pause because the sunset is coming, the group will be directed to a Cafe shop near the sea to sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beer, and at this point you will be watching the sunset most clearly.

+ Next, the group will have about 30 minutes to pass through Tran Hung Dao street where most restaurants, hotels or souvenir shops are concentrated to get an overview of the development of tourism of this beautiful island nation. This segment is about 4 kilometers long. At the end of the road, the group will return to the center of the Night Market.

+ And this time is 18:30 is the time that all the lights have been turned on, then the Night Market began to busy with sellers, buyers with many tourists come to visit or even local people who like the busy coming also. The group will once again be guided around the Market, but this is in the Night Market, to witness the bustle of the Dinh Cau Night Market, enjoy the dishes as scheduled and explained more nightlife on this island by the guide. And this is also the last point of the program.

+ 20:30 is time the group will return to the hotel and motorbike drivers will take them back the hotel about 21:00

Price: From 50 USD per person


+ Pick up and drop off at the hotel by motorbike.

+ English speaking/ Vietnamese speaking guide

+ Drinks and foods

+ Travel Insurance


Note: Let book tours before one day, call before booking, tours are only held when having 2 or more guests. Tours will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday everyweek!

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