14. Motorcycle Tours Around Phu Quoc National Park

If you are a natural lover, like to explore and often practice, motorcycle tour around Phu Quoc National Park is a very interesting choice for you. Come to the trip you will have the opportunity to experience a little risk when sitting on a motorcycle driven by a local motorcycle driver to see the scenery around, walking in the jungle to breathe fresh air and understanding of some of the plants and animals, having a chance to learn how to drive a motorcycle on jungle trails, enjoy a simple lunch on a small floating fishing village in the northern edge of the island or be soaked in the crystal water of Bai Dai beach - one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world still had wild.

The program starts every day at 8:30 AM, the motorcycle driver will pick up you at the hotel, take you to a meeting point in the center of Duong Dong town to meet a local guide who is very familiar with every corner of the Phu Quoc National Park and the group will start the journey from here.

+ The first, the group will go around a part of National Park in Ham Ninh Village. In the one side is the sea and another side is jungle and the chain of dozens of mountains along about 20 kilometres that we can only drive along to get a first look at National Park is completely passive. After an hour on the motorcycle, the group will be Bai Thom Village where the group will stop at Bai Thom Beach to cool down and enjoy a cup of ice coffee with milk at a small coffee shop on the beach.

+ Continue the journey, the group will go straight to northwest. After about 30 minutes, the group will come to the focus of National Park in Bai Thom Village. The scenery here is very majestic with mountains and jungle but very peaceful because it is very green and cool.  The group will stop here, get a bottle of water to drink, watch the surroundings or can take a few photos if you want and then start the adventure. The group will have about one 45 minutes for hiking in the jungle to breathe fresh air, be introduced of plants and animals Phu Quoc or to find and meet them.

+ It is wonderful not you! But everything are not stopping here because we have only half the schedule. And it's time to enlist the energy we need. It takes about 30 minutes to get to Rach Vem floating fishing village, a local seafood lunch awaits us there. The group will be sitting on a floating restaurant to enjoy the sea breeze and have a meal like the most Phu Quoc meal.

+ At this time was 13:00, we must continue the journey. The first job is to train new drivers and change drivers, you will learn how to drive and do the job instead of the driver but at this time driving in and through the jungle. It takes about 15 kilometres to cross the remaining National Park in Ganh Dau Village, but after driving 10 kilometres, the group will stop for another hiking in the jungle, but only about 30 minutes.

+ Out of the National Park, the group will be in Bai Dai around 15:00. Bai Dai beach is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world still had wild, we have about 30 minutes for relaxing here.

+ It's not a bad journey, is not it? And hopefully all of you will have a really good sleep tonight. Finish the journey, driver to drive you back to the hotel at around 16:30.



Price: From 50 USD per person


+ Pick up and drop off at the hotel by motorcycle.

+ English Speaking Local Guide/ Vietnamese speaking guide

+ Bottle water and Local seafood lunch

+ Travel Insurance



Note: Let book tours before one day, call before booking, tours are only held when having 2 or more guests. Tours will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week!

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