Job description:
- Construction & clean ramification Dolphins
- After cleaning carpets & Hip Hop, Street Circus
- Prepare animator at Dolphin Square
- Team Building / Animators at Water Park
- Live performances Carnival area
- Prepare & perform animator Ca pretentious / Bicycles 1 cake at Oceania Square
- Preparation for the Team Building gifts, Birthdays employees (ordering, tracking, wrapping)
- Transfer documents and goods upon request
- Male, good health.
- Direct experience organizing entertainment events (cultural, tourism, festivals, birthdays ...)
- Candidates who are capable: Dancing, singing, MC, cheerleading, playing Guitar and other musical instruments
- Prioritize the candidate ever to participate in associations, organizers of the distillation process connects students, schools, social ...)
Email resume: [email protected]
Deadline for submission: 03/22/2016
Salary: high, agreement, full mode.