7. Enjoy With Sunset And Squid Fishing
- A tours is also quite interesting for most tourists when traveling to Phu Quoc that is the program "Sunset Tour and Ink Squid". The program will give you the moments of light relaxation when descending down that you will be traveling on a local yacht, watching the beautiful sunset on the island, experience and learn how to sentences ink like fishermen.
- The program starts to welcome guests every day around 17.00 from the hotel, then take the guests to Duong Dong port (or An Thoi port from May to October of the year), board the train, sit down and have
+ about 30 minutes to watch the sunset
+ about 60 minutes of squid when it is dark
+ Snacks are served on board with Grilled Squid, Squid Porridge, Stir-fried Noodle and Dessert Fruit
- Around 21:00 you will be taken to the hotel. End of tour.

Price only from 20 USD
Note: The above price is only applicable for transplantation and applies to pick up guests at Duong Dong Town Center

The price for private boat trip
     Persons      1 - 4         5 -10         10 -15        15 - 20
    Price from 180 USD  300 USD   400 USD   480 USD