19. Discovery Phú Quốc Waterfall

Phu Quoc Island Not only known for its long white sandy beaches, but also pristine rainforests and cool green waterfalls. There are two seasons, the sunshine season or the tourist season is called peak season because this season dry weather, blue sea water and white sand. In addition to this, many tourists from all over the world come here to stay. The other season is the rainy season or the low season between June and the end of November. This season is scattered rain, sultry weather, most beaches have large waves hard to swim, so Waterfall is the best thing you have to thinking.
Understanding this need, we open the journey to explore Waterfalls. The purpose of the program is to meet the needs of some young people who want to explore a part of nature and those who like adventurous are well catered for - which in fact is not too much of an issue! The waterfall in Phu Quoc is not high but it is beautiful because it is located on a hill and in a small forest. Here you can hike in the forest, climbing and especially be soaked in fresh cool water. The daily schedule starts at 09:00AM, arrives at the waterfall, takes about 3 hours to stroll, climb and swim in the waterfall. Mineral water and snacks are also included in the program. After the end of the spectacular break, you will take to Sao beach or Ong Lang beach for 30 minutes and then we will take you back the hotel around 15:00PM

+ Duration: 6 hrs

+ Climbing distance: 1,000 m

+ Price from: 1.150.000 VND per guest


+ Tours are only available when we have two or more guests enrolled in the program

+ You are dressed appropriately as walking shoes, clothes fit, we will be clammy climbing and fingerprints.